Aksara day was an international reading day held every year on September 08, 2022. At this moment, Budi Luhur elementary school organized Aksara day with the theme of “Let’s build a Literacy Culture in the Digital Era”. The Aksara day was opened by Ms. Caecilia Vitrani, S.Psi. as the principal of Budi Luhur Elementary School at Pondok Aren. It was held online with the G-meet and offline in the school hall.

In the first activity, students explained International Literacy day and continued by watching a video about the importance of reading by Ms. Onny and Ms. Suci as presenters.

The next activity of Aksara day was grouped based on lower and upper grades. The lower grades were from 1 to 3, while the upper was for grades 4 to 6. In Lower grades, an activity of Aksara day begins with reading a storybook. Students will rewrite the story’s summary, title, author, and moral value. Meanwhile, Aksara day activities for Upper grades were reading books, composing, and reading poetry with the theme of International Literacy Day. Finally, all students’ creations from the Aksara activity will collect to become a scrapbook. It has stored in the Library room so the students can re-read it anytime and make it a good habit for them to visit the library.

We hope the activity of Aksara day will encourage Budi Luhur’s students to increase their interest in reading and learning. So they can be more creative, innovative, and happy even in the transition period of the Covid-19 pandemic. Thanks to teachers and parents who have supported this activity to run well and successfully.

Happy Aksara Day , Salam Budi Luhur.