• On 2nd of September 2022, SD Budi Luhur held our first Assembly after the pandemic. This first assembly begin with 6 Belize. 6 Belize narrate about ...

  • Wednesday, 13 July 2022 is the orientation day for grade 1 students. They are invited to attend an orientation session. Children will get to know ...

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National Sports Day Celebration

On Friday, 09th September 2022 reminds us about national sport day (HAORNAS). This day was celebrated by Budi Luhur Elementary school, Kindergarten and Playgroup of Pondok Aren, all students were excited since at the time, they were required to use their own favorite sport’s cloth to the school and it had a lot of activities there.

In the first activity, grade 1-6, all kindergarten and playgroup students prepared themselves in the class and went to the field that was guided by homeroom teacher to have exercise together. There, all students including Kindergarten and Playgroup gathered and waited for dancing together. To open this event, the honorable headmaster of elementary school Ms. Enny and kindergarten & Playgroup Mr. Ricky gave the speech and greet all students and teachers. The essential thing from this special day is about do not forget to do exercise and eat the healthy food because “mens sana in corpore sano” , became the quote of HAORNAS in 2022.

The second activity was having exercise together that was led by ms. Rizka, ms rizki, ms. Nisa and ms. Dian. There were about 3 songs which make Students and teachers enjoyed to do it as made them move and sweat.

The third activity, all students had an opportunity to play several games for 30 minutes at hall, such as tali karet, lempar dan menyusun bola, bakiak and enggrang batok. Children were happy and could try all games there, this agenda gave children a chance to try the traditional games for this technology era.

The last activity was walking back to the class and drank a juice together after all agendas had done. Doing exercise needs to be supported by the healthy drink and food. In addition, children knew about how important the health because the future will be on their hand. Happy National Sport Day.


Aksara Day Celebration

Aksara day was an international reading day held every year on September 08, 2022. At this moment, Budi Luhur elementary school organized Aksara day with the theme of “Let’s build a Literacy Culture in the Digital Era”. The Aksara day was opened by Ms. Caecilia Vitrani, S.Psi. as the principal of Budi Luhur Elementary School at Pondok Aren. It was held online with the G-meet and offline in the school hall.

In the first activity, students explained International Literacy day and continued by watching a video about the importance of reading by Ms. Onny and Ms. Suci as presenters.

The next activity of Aksara day was grouped based on lower and upper grades. The lower grades were from 1 to 3, while the upper was for grades 4 to 6. In Lower grades, an activity of Aksara day begins with reading a storybook. Students will rewrite the story’s summary, title, author, and moral value. Meanwhile, Aksara day activities for Upper grades were reading books, composing, and reading poetry with the theme of International Literacy Day. Finally, all students’ creations from the Aksara activity will collect to become a scrapbook. It has stored in the Library room so the students can re-read it anytime and make it a good habit for them to visit the library.

We hope the activity of Aksara day will encourage Budi Luhur’s students to increase their interest in reading and learning. So they can be more creative, innovative, and happy even in the transition period of the Covid-19 pandemic. Thanks to teachers and parents who have supported this activity to run well and successfully.

Happy Aksara Day , Salam Budi Luhur.


1st Assembly After Pandemic

On 2nd of September 2022, SD Budi Luhur held our first Assembly after the pandemic. This first assembly begin with 6 Belize. 6 Belize narrate about Riza, a boy who neglects his education and play game overnight. His grandfather, a veteran, advise him that he should be grateful because in the colonized era not everyone got the chance to go to school. 6 Belize also narrate how Indonesian obtain their independency. 6 Belize shows their creativity and patriotism with this performance


National Children’s Day Celebration

National Children’s Day (HAN) is held every year on 23 July in Indonesia. In this year the theme of National Children’s Day is “Protected Children, Advanced Indonesia” (Anak Terlindungi, Indonesia Maju). BUDI LUHUR PONDOK AREN School celebrated National Children’s Day on Tuesday, 26 July 2022.

Although this event was celebrated online, but the students and teachers were very enthusiastic. This school had many activities to celebrate this event, such as reading poem, singing children song, dancing performance, fairy tale appearance, and also finger painting. The finger painting activity was held when the teaching learning at school was offline. Hopefully this event was celebrated to fulfill children’s rights and provide special protection for children during the covid-19 pandemic


Budi Luhur Orientation Day

Wednesday, 13 July 2022 is the orientation day for grade 1 students. They are invited to attend an orientation session. Children will get to know their classmates, and meet their teachers. all the teachers warmly welcomed by playing angklung for new grade 1 students’ academic year 2022-2023. One student from each class got the name tag as symbolizes they were become Budi Luhur family. Furthermore, dances which were performed by the teachers.

On Thursday – Friday 14 – 15 July 2022, is the orientation for all the grades. Student orientations were led by each homeroom teachers In each class, children were given the opportunity to greet their classmates and share their experiences during the long holiday and doing so many fun activities. Thank you, parents, for supporting us. We look forward to working with you in forming the children into the best that they can be.